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Andres Cordoba - Colombia

ANDRS-CORDOBAAndrés Córdoba Zamora is from Bogotá, Colombia. During his high school days, Andrés began participating in a number of United Nations Youth programs, which led to an increased interest in political science, international issues, and the English language, which he learned as his second language. After finishing school, Andrés Córdoba moved to Montréal, Canada, where he studied French. After returning to Bogotá he enrolled at the University of the Andes (Universidad de los Andes), where he is currently pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Anthropology. Beside his studies, Andrés is engaged with an NGO named "Un Techo Para Mi País" (A roof for my country), which carries out programs building houses for the poor people in Colombia and throughout Latin America. Andrés Córdoba is also passionate about photography and travel, and has visited several countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa. These trips across the world have expose him to new cultures and traditions, and have made him more cosmopolitan. Andres hopes to one day work for the United Nations.

Youth Without Boundaries


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