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Sunita Adhikari - Nepal

Sunita-AdhikariSunita Adhikari was born in Dhapakhel a city in the Bagmati zone of central Nepal that was affected by fast urbanization as a result of the peace process after the end of Maoist war. As a result of the fast urbanization great unemployment characterizes the city. This experience gave Sunita Adhikari occasion to engage in her field of studies and in multiple social activities.

Sunita Adhikari is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Presidential college affiliated with American International University (AIU). She worked at Nanglo International as an account for two years and at World Vision Nepal, a child based international organization, for 25 months. As part of her job Sunita Adhikari was visiting villages to map the need of villagers and prepare reports that eventually were used to develop a project. For Sunita Adhikari these experiences have been crucial and coined her further decisions regarding her career.

Additionally to these social engagements, Sunita Adhikari is involved in many local youth clubs and cooperatives and has encouraged entrepreneurs for their continuity. After the completion of her masters, Sunita Adhikari wants to continue and increase her social contribution to strengthen basic entrepreneurs of rural villages and to raise the living standard of families that are severely affected by poverty so that they can earn and live their life with a vision.

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