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Community Building & Development through Cooperation, Collaboration & Sustainable Interaction

A Chaos to Community™ Global Initiative

Communities Without Boundaries International Inc. is currently engaged in community building and community development work in Africa, The Balkans, The Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, and the United States. In carrying out community building and development work, CWBI partners with numerous local civil society actors, academic institutions, community and religious leaders, and youth from across sectors. In a number of instances, CWBI finds itself in the position of convener, bringing together stakeholders from across sectors that are individually engaged in community building and development activities in their respective communities. All too often however, we find that while many stakeholders are engaged in same or similar work in their communities, they are often unaware of the work that each other is carrying out. In many instances, CWBI led meetings and dialogue become the catalyst for cooperation and collaboration between individual stakeholders.

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