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Dr. Sylvester Okere

Dr.-Sylvester-OkereDr. Sylvester Okere is a businessman, community organizer, strategist and political professional in the US and Africa. He spent nearly 14 years of his career with the Nigeria Immigration Department, lived 14 years in Kano state-northern Nigeria. After migrating to the United States in 1999, Sylvester started his private security company in the DMV in 2004. He founded the Maryland

Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, and is Sr. Principal at Strategic Groups LLC. and Chairman of Maryland Nigeria Sister States Executive Committee. Sylvester is also Director of Continental African Leadership Council. He helped to develop long term vision and strategies for African constituent with the goal to mobilize, organize and empower the community statewide. Sylvester recently served as the Director ‘Operation Vote Africa’ in the Obama 2012 election campaign and worked as an Obama Victory Trustee (the fundraising machinery for the presidential campaign).

Sylvester on 2014-2015 Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Reader Committee: Responsible for evaluating program applicants based on set guidelines for the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI) on making recommendations to IREX for qualified applicants. The flagship program of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). President Obama launched YALI in 2010 to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa.  Sylvester Okere was one of the first African immigrants to speak on a national platform at the 50th Anniversary of the March in Washington, speaking on the importance of fixing America’s broken immigration system. He participated on President Obama’s Power Africa dialogue at the African Union Permanent Mission to the United Nations in 2013 and is a strategic partner with numerous national and global organizations (NGOs), such as Community without Boundaries International, Inc. (focusing on peacebuilding and sustainable development).

Sylvester was recently appointed the Diaspora Mobilizer on Ethics and Values in business by the Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Ethics and Values. Sylvester led the team of Africa advocates to meet face to face with various members of the US Senate/Congress/House of Representatives for the interest of Africans on fair & comprehensive immigration reform.

Sylvester’s notable accomplishments include recognition from the Governor of Maryland (Office of Minority Affairs), a 2013 African Heritage Month Community Economic Empowerment Award from Montgomery County Executive. Sylvester holds a Goodwill Ambassadorial position with CICA International; a non-governmental organization with United Nations Consultative Status, Sylvester has a national award from the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Office of Diaspora Affairs), was listed among the "Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses" in Maryland. Sylvester has featured on various TV/Radio and Media Network for the interest of Sub Saharan Africans.