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From Chaos to Community™ - Building Communities Without Boundaries

An International Initiative

Program Overview

IMG_2990Communities Without Boundaries International, Inc. (CWBI), together with its local partners, engages conflict and post-conflict communities in peacebuilding through community building and development initiatives. The primary goal of the initiative is to design and implement interventions into target communities through research, education/training and technical assistance. The long-term vision of the initiative is to have targeted inter-cultural communities of youth, religious, and business leaders living in harmony, while working together in peacebuilding projects through community building and development strategies.

The Program, titled From Chaos to Community™: Building Communities without Boundaries (From Chaos to Community™), is carried out in three project phases. The Program engages men and women from among the youth, religious, and business communities in peacebuilding and development education, inter-community dialogue, and community building/development strategies.

CWBI believes that the Chaos to Community™ Programisrael-march-2008-056

  • promotes attitudinal change and mutual respect among disparate cultural, ethnic and religious groups for each other’s identities, while promoting tolerance and diversity
  •    enhances the quality of life of target  communities through community building and economic development strategies

Four groups of local stakeholders will participate in the Program:

  1. Youth if channeled in the right direction  have the potential to “constitute a huge reservoir of energy that can move mountains”,  especially in conflict ridden and post-conflict settings (peacebuilding and conflict prevention)
  2. Religious Leaders have the power and opportunity to shape positive conflict transformation mechanisms (peacebuilding and conflict prevention)
  3. Business Leaders can play a critical role in diminishing the possibility of future conflicts (peacebuilding and conflict prevention)
  4. Local partner/s (NGO/university) have the capacity to play a critical role in peacebuilding and development, addressing ethnic and religious cleavages, and promote positive peace (peacebuilding and conflict prevention)


Key elements of the Program include training in:

  • Nonviolence
  • Peacebuilding development
  • Leadership development
  • Technical skills
  • Community building
  • Community development

The Chaos to Community™ Program engages and includes local partners and sponsors. Local partner and  sponsors represent the three major sectors of a community: civic, business and government. The civic sector sponsor/s serves as the key collaborator with CWBI. Its role includes assistance in: 

  • Program development and implementation136
  • Resources development and shared allocation
  • Community organizing
  • Communications
  • Local logistics

The Program produces the following results
Comprehensive community assessments
Comprehensive program reports
Comprehensive community plan and funding strategy
Project implementation teams and a trained, organized community-based collaborative network of mediating institutions and organizations