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Youth Without Boundaries Global Challenge - Framework

Youth Without Boundaries

Youth Without Boundaries is one of Communities Without Boundaries International’s flag ship programs, developed to foster the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow capable of taking on the challenges of the 21st century through non-violence means. Youth Without Boundaries (YWB) brings together youth ages 18 to 30 from across the globe, providing them with unique and fulfilling opportunities to integral role of young leadership in responding to conflict and building peace, whether global, regional or local, through means rooted in nonviolence, civic responsibility, and intercultural collaboration. Its model is aimed at developing members’ leadership skills in a manner consistent with non-violence philosophy, while expanding their vision of the world’s realities and possibilities.

YWB is designed as an experiential learning program, through in which participants develop leadership skills. They then establish community building and community development projects in countries where they live, serve, engage in dialogue, and collaborate. The program provides opportunities for participants to travel to each other’s countries and experience each other’s cultures and lifestyles, while learning and experiencing the challenges and opportunities that their peers the world over face.

The Annual YWB Global Challenge

In its efforts to emphasize the need for youth to become change-agents, Communities Without Boundaries International has introduced the annual Youth Without Boundaries Global Challenge (The YWB Global Challenge). Every year, individual YWB members are invited to develop and propose service projects that will then be voted on by the entire YWB community. The project that receives the highest number of votes will be selected and the entire YWB cohort will collaborate to develop and execute the project. The Global Challenge is a yearlong project, focusing on a specific region of the world and includes five phases:

  • Proposal
  • Voting
  • Fundraising
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Evaluation

The YWB Global Challenge unites all YWBs in identifying and addressing key challenges and opportunities around the world. This collaborative and innovative effort allows members to help create positive change as on global community.

Interact: Youth Without Boundaries’ annual YWB Global Challenge provides opportunities for youth from across the globe to collaborate with one another virtually and in person during all stages of the project. This interaction together with the training and technical assistance provided to the youth in turn builds a global network of change agents.

Enable: The YWB Global Challenge provides individuals and groups of youth from across the globe with a platform upon which they can create positive change in their communities.

Amplify: The YWB Global Challenge enables local communities, and amplifies the capacity of the local people, in order to achieve global change and realize peace and development.

Building Communities Without Boundaries: The YWB Global Challenge not only encourages youth to be involved in community building and community development by taking concrete action through the development and implementation of sustainable projects, it also aims to foster cooperation, interaction and engagement within the YWB program around the world.


  • The proposal can be for any community from around the globe.
  • Individuals or groups that are YWBs who have already carried out a service project are eligible to submit proposals
  • The initiative must engage in direct, nonviolent action that redresses poverty, builds community and fosters peace.
  • The initiative must be consistent with CWBI’s peacebuilding, community building and community development goals.