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From 1983 to 2009, the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka experienced a brutal civil war between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). While warfare has ended, the Herculean tasks of physical reconstruction and socio-cultural reconciliation lie ahead. During a visit to the island immediately post-war, CWBI identified Mallavi, in the Northern Vanni region of Sri Lanka, as a location that requires immediate post-conflict development work. The village currently lacks basic physical infrastructure, including housing, clean water, sanitation systems, health clinic, community center etc. It also lacks basic social infrastructure, including medical facilities, transportation, and education and employment opportunities. During this time, CWBI was also engaged by the United States Department of State (US DOS) to carry out a series of nonviolence trainings. A number of students who participated in the education program became Youth Without Boundaries members. While carrying out individual sustainable development and community building projects, they have also adopted the village of Mallavi, assisting in community building and sustainable development. The youth created a steering committee that will lead all activities related to the Mallavi Rehabilitation and Development Project.The organization believes that Mallavi is an excellent candidate to establish a robust example of how nonviolence principles can be employed in the reconstruction and reconciliation process.

CWBI and the YWBs will return to Mallavi to conduct training with the YWB team and community leaders as well as to develop a comprehensive community assessment and design a comprehensive community restoration and revitalization plan.

  1. Conduct CWBI comprehensive Community Assessment Profile
  • CWBI Staff
  • YWB Sri Lanka (Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Dutch Burgher youth)
  • YWB members from Bosnia & Herzegovina Cameroon, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa and United States.
  1. Launch Mallavi Community Restoration and Revitalization Development Plan
  • Develop comprehensive community restoration and revitalization strategy
  • Carry out fundraising for Mallavi Community Restoration and Revitalization Development strategy
  • Launch of Mallavi Community Restoration and Revitalization Development Plan


Map of Mallavi  Region with  6 major village centers and 2 water reservoirs 

Mallavi Rehabilitation
& Development Project

Population 13,000
Primary Schools 1
Hospitals 0

Key Terms
  Sustainability, Community Building, Community Development, Food