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March on Washington: Committee outlines plan for 50th anniversary

Earlier this year, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray appointed a 22-member committee, led by civil rights activists and former council member Frank Smith. On Wednesday, at the African American Civil War Museum, the public is learning specifics about the D.C. Statehood rally that will commemorate the day.

The rally will begin at the D.C. War memorial and then connect with the main national March at the Lincoln Memorial. The Committee chairs are working to organize volunteers, contact churches, schools, labor unions and people who actually marched that day.

"Legacy Marcher" Cynthia Brock-Smith was 13 that August 28th. Now as the Secretary of the District of Columbia, she's thrilled to do it again.

"It was so exciting to experience that with my friends,” she says. “Our parents were afraid, they didn't want us to go."

Frank Smith who is now 71 says he will march this time with his children and grandchildren. He is urging everyone in the city to do the same.
He says what a teachable moment, quoting Frederick Douglas saying the price of freedom comes with eternal vigilance.

"We will stand up and March for those who didn't stand up and march last time," Smith says.