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Refugee Assisted Voluntary Return

DSC 0578malta flag drapeau bandiera bandeira flaggaCommunities Without Boundaries International (CWBI) will be partnering with The Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) in Malta, to assist in managing and developing strategies for the rights of asylum  seekers travelling to Malta. Malta currently holds the largest number of asylum applications per capita, which has made it a serious political issue in developing resolutions to address the migration flows, especially in the issues of border control, search and rescue, detention services, and accommodation services.

Malta and the European Union will benefit greatly from this partnership between CWBI and FSM, because as NGOs these two groups can work closely with asylum seekers and the communities they have originated from, generating solutions meaningful to the persons and the communities experiencing these difficulties. Working on AVR, FSM and CWBI will be aware of the needs for prospective AVR applicants, giving a voice to such beneficiaries in the way they design, negotiate, and implement AVR programs, especially when return sustainability results from personal, household and community development, and prevents re-migration.

FSM and CWBI will work in Malta to assist in programmatic activities. They will conduct assessments on prospective refugees looking to return to their home countries, provide nonviolence education and training, human rights education and training, women's rights education and training, technical skills training, and aid in the development of business plans to help with sustainability upon arriving home. Along with providing these workshops in Malta they will conduct further activities in the refugee's home country upon their arrival home. FSM and CWBI will be partnering with NGOs in refugee home countries for greater assessments and better developed strategies.

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