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benevolentiayouthconference_nextstepThe non-government and non-profit organization Benevolentia was founded as a humanitarian youth organization that gathers high school and university students interested in being actively involved in their communities and engaging in humanitarian work. Benevolentia tries to, through a big number of cultural and entertainment events, activate its members and help socially disadvantaged youth.

There are several different teams within the association, created to follow the aspirations of members, in charge of a variety of activities meant to fulfill and connect all of the aims of the association, like: humanitarian work, youth leadership development, development of volunteerism and similar.

In past 4 years the organization has fully committed to the development of the concept Youth Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Youth Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina and uses 70% of its capacity, 12 months a year, to develop, organize and host the project annually.

As a part of its activities, Benevolentia also implements Next Step Program, a year-long project in 10 cities of the country, aimed at engaging and educating local young people, creating a network of active citizens which will have over 300 people by the end of the year.

fssmOriginally established in August 2010, The Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (FSM) is a non-government organization working out of Malta on a series of issues related to irregular and regular migration.  The Foundation is also registered as a legal person under the Laws of Malta.

They provide temporary shelter to asylum-seekers; those looking for international protection, and migrants to be integrated into the Maltese society. FSM carries out research to contribute and help formulate national policy, advocate for improved communication, tolerance and dialogue between different cultures in Malta, and raise awareness in civil society about the needs and rights of third country nationals.  Currently, their main activity is running the Marsa Open Center, a place for refugees to remain once out of the detention centers.