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The Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights

DJKlogoThe Honorable Damon J. Keith is a living embodiment of the principles represented in the United States Constitution – he has courageously defended the Constitution while championing the cause of civil rights. Judge Keith has sought to ensure that “equal justice under law” is reality for people of color, women, and all who have been victims of discrimination.

The Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights memorializes the work of Judge Keith, civil rights icon and one of our country’s leading jurists. The Keith Center is also a leading source for the legal history of the Civil Rights Movement and the historic accomplishments of African American lawyers and judges. The Keith Center is further dedicated to research and community outreach addressing modern challenges to civil rights and racial justice.

The Keith Center seeks to honor Judge Keith by developing programs and opportunities that build upon his contributions to promoting equality and justice under law. The Keith Center will promote civil rights educational opportunities and encourage research on racial justice issues, including housing segregation, inadequate and segregated education, and unequal economic opportunities, with a particular focus on southeastern Michigan. It will also contribute to the development of the next generation of civil rights advocates by providing opportunities to work with leading civil rights organizations and providing scholarships to Wayne Law students interested in pursuing civil rights law. The Keith Center will partner with the Wayne Law clinics to engage the community directly through education initiatives and direct services.

The Keith Center recognizes the ongoing need for institutions that instill the virtues of social conscience and sensitivity to the challenges that remain in the fight for legal and social equality. The Keith Center will be a national and international resource for identifying and defining the struggles that have occurred and addressing those that remain.