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Boubacar Keita - Program Associate, West Africa


Boubacar Keita is from Mali in West sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is expected to graduate with a Masters of Science in Conflict Analysis & Resolution at the Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason University in May 2011. He was born in France, and has lived in Cote d’Ivoire and Belgium, and worked at Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell in Beijing China. Boubacar acted as delegate-supervisor at the Malian embassy in Washington DC for the 2002 and 2007 Malian Presidential elections. He also volunteered at the Ivorian Civic Leaders’ meeting in Washington DC, in which he helped in translation and logistics as well as taking part in the panel discussions. Mr. Keita participated in a citizen diplomacy seminar in Jerusalem where he engaged Israeli and Palestinian peace activists on new resolution approaches and by developing conflict resolution models tailored toward joint Israeli-Palestinian business ventures. Mr. Keita is proficient in multiple languages, including English, French and Bambara, a dialect used in many West African countries.