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A Framework for Preventing Hostile Conflict

A Chaos to Communities Global Initiative
Change, Conflict, and Hostile Conflict Prevention

IMG_2990Change is inevitable, and with change comes conflict. Conflict exists at all levels—intra-personal, inter-personal, intra-group, inter-group, and inter-national—thus conflict is an unavoidable factor of life. It is a natural phenomenon that is simultaneously a result of change, an indicator of the need for change, and a mechanism through which change can occur. Despite much misconception, conflict in and of itself is not negative. Indeed, it is how we manage conflict that determines the natural phenomenon of change and conflict. Managed nonviolently, conflict can propagate creativity and positive change/progress. While world history and the history of wars are ripe with examples of violence, indicating that violence prevention is not an easy task, historical narrative also alludes to the fact that hostile conflict is not inevitable. The Indian independence movement, the US Civil Rights movement, the recent events in Egypt that successfully avoided mass violent outbreaks are just a few examples of where nonviolence has been successful at heralding in positive change. These examples also suggest the ability of nonviolence to prevent hostile conflict.
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