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Chaos to Community™ Ratanpuri Project

nepal-flag-smallIn June 2012, Communities Without Boundaries International visited a Chaos to Community™-Ratanpuri Project initiated by Youth Without Boundaries member AbishekKarn. The project integrates fish farming and pig keeping in Ratanpuri, a village about 100 kilometers south of Kathmandu. Electricity is available in the Bara District village, although upper level education and hospital facilities are available only in nearby Nijgadh or Birgunj. Water for the village is supplied from the LalBakeya River via a 5.5-kilometer pipeline. Due to the Nepalese civil war, the government’s financial and technical assistance to the village has since been withdrawn, and assistance must come from other sources.

CWBI will work with Mr. Padam Bahadur Mokhtan, the leader of the Gumba Tole Community Development Group, to foster the growth of a dynamic community project. Through the integration of Ratanpuri’s manmade fishponds and nearby pig keeping project, this partnership is truly sustainable. Popular all over Southeast Asia and parts of China, this integration initiative utilizes pig manure to fertilize the fishponds. This generates an abundance of food available for the fish as well as fodder for the pigs, allowing both projects to prosper from each other side by side. Because the members of the Ratanpuri community are experienced in managing these projects, both the fish and the pigs are renewable resources.

Future elements of this integrated project include Ratanpuri residents being able to either consume the fish or the pork, or else sell them for very competitive prices at local markets. Importing fish from India to Nepal is a multimillion-dollar industry, so the creation of a local source within Ratanpuri has the potential to generate a stable source of income for the community. CWBI also envisions the establishment of a savings and credit group to foster investment opportunities for community members as this income is realized in the next 12 months.

To become involved in this project or to donate to this project, please contact Maneshka Eliatamby at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..