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Construction on Nalang Project launched

nepal-flag-smallCWBI’s project at the school in Nalang in the Dhading district,90 Kilometers away from Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu has officially begun with the construction of toilet facilities at the Patle School. These facilities are located within the school grounds and provide the school children a safe alternative to venturing into the surrounding wilderness. Through these measures, and with the expected addition of adequate fencing around the school property, Youth Without Boundaries leader Rajan Pandit is envisioning a much safer education environment for the children. Together with local leaders, Mr. Pandit has successfully petitioned Nepal’s central government and they have agreed to put in $2500 of the $ 7,000 necessary to build the toilet and fences.

When the CWBI team visited the Patle School in Nalang in June 2012, an opportunity to provide a safe and secure environment to study at school was noticed. CWBI found that there was no toilet; boys and girls both have to look for nearby bushes instead where wild animals are known to jeopardize their safety. Similarly, the school grounds are not properly fenced-in, so cows and buffalo have ruined the children’s playing environment and street dogs have bitten children and rabies is a primary concern.