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Mandela Day in Gwaritown

By KiemuteOyibo, YWB-AUST Abuja, Nigeria

From east and west they have come
North and south thronged in great number
Clustered in a fever-pitched classroom
Longing for the arrival of their august visitors
Half moon to the long-awaited of August break

From the length and breadth of a worn school community
With no real SOS, they have come in one accord before unknown
Beaming the brightest light in the universal call to community
Showcasing the finest paragon of hospitality in Gwari town
Waiting for the emissaries from the great icon of freedom

With un measurable level of high expectations nowhere before seen
They hungered after the community without boundary or rivalry
For the noblest mission of the high commission of a committed nation
The loftiest vision of an ivory tower transcending far beyond theory
And above all, the missive from Madiba himself across thousand miles

Suddenly, they emerged, from distances!
In an endless stream longer than the River Nile...
Meandering through pristine paths, reminiscent of nativity
Flanked with hopeful foliage of a full age lined out in nine miles
Waving east and west at the instance of a hailing firmament

It is Mandela Day; it's Madiba's day, all over
The continent, all over the world; the sky also knew
So they came out in their great number, with a pot
Of melody on their shoulders, with a heart full of corals
Basket of cultural ways, to sing for Madiba for another age

As the leaves nearby, in full bloom, swayed along in harmony
Beck'ning all of humanity to rise, rise for Madiba and move to the
Rhythm of freedom coming through the tides of time, hills and valleys
From the rubbled “I” land to the hilltop, echoing the sound of freedom
Ubuntu and equity, everywhere on the surface of a highly graded globe!

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By KiemuteOyibo, YWB-AUST Abuja, Nigeria