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Youth Without Boundaries

Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo - Zimbabwe

Nkosilathi-Emmanuel-MoyoNkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo is a prominent youth activist and human rights defender based in the small mining town of Kwekwe in the Republic of Zimbabwe. It is on record that Moyo joined activism at the age of eleven, a sign that this is an inborn passion. He was born on the 29th of May 1987 in Chinhoyi, Mashonaland West province where he did his primary education before returning to his home province of Midlands where he is currently residing. He did his high school education at St Boniface High School and later on did a number of courses in civil society and human rights short courses. He is looking towards building a career in Development Studies.

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Mubarak Lawrence - USA

In 2010 Mubarak Lawrence graduated from Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics with a Minor in Media & Communications.
Mubarak attended Ursinus College where he implemented a program called "BearTreks".  This event was established in February of 2010.  The event was named in recognition of how far the school has come with regards to issues of diversity and awareness of racial issues.  The name also has significance in that the event begins with the 'Unity Walk', in which all students march across campus together.  BearTreks is an unconventional way to honor Black History Month and it intends to unite all people in recognition and celebration of our differences.

In August of 2011 Mubarak enrolled into an AmeriCorp VISTA position at the Mayor’s of Education in Philadelphia. As the Public Outreach Coordinator for PhillyGoes2Collge Mubarak traveled through the Greater Philadelphia region providing youth and adult with the resources to enroll into post-secondary institutions. As of September 2012, was   employeed as the Career and Post-Secondary specialist for Philadelphia Academies Inc.’s Student Success center at Abraham Lincoln High School. Lawrence provides guidance to students looking to enrich their academic and/or professional futures.

Mubarak-LawrenceMubarak Lawrence also has the title of Vice President for Rising Sons; a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, PA. Their purpose is to target underprivileged youth (primarily males) to open their eyes to what they can offer to their community, to their country, to the world -- as well as what the world can offer them. Mubarak also coordinates Rising Sons’ events such as “Reason For The Season”, in which is an uplifting holiday celebration for families who are struggling financially, with a focus on the children.

Mubarak Lawrence launched his own Limited Liability Corporation by the name of Rising Community Enterprises LLC in the Summer of 2013. RC Enterprises is a firm that focused on providing low-income communities with economic and community development services. Mubarak strives to administer business consultation, community investments and youth enrichment program to build self-sustaining communities. In the short time since the firm’s inauguration, Rising Community Enterprises has business transactions and investment totaling two-hundred thousand dollars in the Philadelphia area.

Mr. Mubarak Lawrence plans to become a figure in the minority community that exemplifies the following: grit, resilience, and ambition. He believes these character traits are pivotal to lasting-change in under-served communities nationally and internationally.

Tinashe Chirape - Zimbabwe

Tinashe-ChirapeTinashe Chirape has been involved in civil society work unprofessionally from high school in 2003 and professionally since 2010 broadly looking at youth engagement in the national development discourse of Zimbabwe, particularly in Masvingo Province. He is the co-founding coordinator of Real Agenda for Youth Transformation (RAFYT) established in 2010, a youth led organisation missions to promote meaningful youth participation in developmental processes through evidence based and integrated approaches such as leadership, mentorship and civic engagement in Masvingo. He contributed to the formation of Mucheke High School AIDs Club in 2003, aimed at increasing awareness of HIV and AIDS among students at the school. He joined Batanai HIV and AIDS Service Organisation (BHASO) as a Volunteer Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant in 2010. Equipped with skills to fight programming gaps, he facilitated the revamping of the Youth Unit. He then volunteered as the Youth Project Officer running three projects before resigning to fully engage RAFYT`s programmes. He is also the outgoing Masvingo Urban District Chairperson of theYoung People’s Network on Sexual Reproductive Health HIV and AIDS.

He graduated with a Bsc Local Governance Studies Honours degree with the Midlands State University in 2009. He loves expressing his personal opinion through writing via his blog “The Youth Inspirator”
He lives to be a global citizen, working towards development of humankind in a peaceful globe. Tinashe is a youth Activist who believe in the engagement of youths through sustainable non-violent actions to fight world anomalies.

Wimarshana Nishadi Ranasinghe - Sri Lanka

Nishadi-RanasingheWimarshana Nishadi Ranasinghe is a graduate of Kelaniya University. She studied peace building and conflict resolution in a country contending with ethnic polarization. She believes peace must be built in the hearts of people, it is in the hearts of people wars are first fought and so it is in the hearts of people that the seeds of peace must be sown. While at the University of Kelaniya, she was a member of the student organization “Mihasa – Youth for Peace organization”. In 2010 the group held an exhibition at St.Joseph’s Girls’ College, afterwards they conducted motivation programs for school students in different areas of Sri Lanka. In 2011 they organized a seminar and a celebration of International day for peace, leading to the publication of the Mihasa newspaper and launching a web site.

She later interned at Rights Now-Collective for Democracy. They work on protecting and providing Human Rights in Sri Lanka. She participated in a series of workshops such as nonviolence, communication, power, gender & peace building, transitional justice, and MLK programs. In December 2012 she represented Sri Lanka for the Asia pacific Youth Conference held at Nagaland, India. She finished her year of school with her thesis on “Reconciliation Challengers in Post War Sri Lanka" (Regarding the role of LLRC). After completing her degree, she took another internship at Asia Plateau – Panchgani.

Currently she works at Fusion as a monitoring & evaluation coordinator; the Organization works on empowering the rural communities of Sri Lanka. In her free time she still remains active doing school programs as a facilitator.

Som Niroula - Nepal

Som Niroula holds Master of Arts in Peace Education from United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE), Costa Rica in 2007. Som-NiroulaHe also holds a Masters Degree of Arts in Anthropology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2002. Currently Som has been working in the field of human rights and peace education for the last eight years. From the beginning of his work on human rights, he has been continuously contributing in human rights movement of Nepal to institutionalize the norms and values of democracy and rule of law. He designs courses on human rights and peace education for human rights activists and peace educators who are working in the community level. He also provides strategic support to human right organizations in Nepal. He has a good networking with human right defenders in Nepal from national to grass root level to advocate for peace and justice.  In addition, he has published articles on IDPs, refugees and impunity and violence.  

He has a long experience of dedicating his effort in the field of human rights.  He worked in a regional level organization South Asia Forum for Human (SAFHR) based in Kathmandu. He worked to disseminate the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement in Nepal and developed an advocacy toolkit. The toolkit highlights the UN Guiding Principles on Internally Displaced Persons for the effective advocacy work. In addition, he also assisted the refugees particularly the Bhutanese refugees who were resided in Nepal.  His areas of interest are peace education, forced migration, internal displacement and refugees and impunity and justice. He aims to continue his effort on these priority areas.

Ruth Emmy - Kenya

Ruth-AchiengBorn in 1991, Ruth Achieng’ Oduor is from Sega, Nyanza Kenya. She completed high school in 2009 at the Ng’iya Girls’ School. While studying in high school, she developed an interest in leadership and development issues leading her to join a variety of clubs; the scouts club, environmental club, and badilisha (the make a difference) club.

After high school, Ruth joined and continues to work for the local youth organization UCAHA. The organization is engaged in volunteerism and community work, which has developed her understanding for the concept community. She connected with Actionaid-Kenya through UCAHA, allowing her to access programs offering young women leadership trainings, advocacy forums, entrepreneurship, and others. These programs and networks increased her interest in further developing her leadership skills.

This interest drove her to apply for a Global Citizen Course offered by Actionaid- Denmark, she was one of the few Kenyans selected for this opportunity.  The course expanded her interests in global issues while being a great resource to develop her knowledge on global citizenship. Upon completion of her course, Ruth looked for other opportunities to offer global platforms and address global issues with an aim of creating positive change. These interests led her to the Youth Without Boundaries (YWB) initiative of Communities Without Boundaries International (CWBI).

Her passion is to make a difference; create positive change in someone’s life, her community, and the world as a whole. In her spare time she enjoys debates, meeting people from different places, networking, leadership forums, advocacy forums, singing and playing scrabble. If given an opportunity to further her education, she would like to get a degree in community development.

Vuyo Lingwati - South Africa

Vuyo-LingwatiVuyo Lingwati is currently a student at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute studying African International Trade and Development Policy. In the fall, she starts her Post- Conflict Reconstruction, Development and Human Rights program with the same institution. She holds a Honours degree in Political and International Studies from Rhodes University (RU) majoring in Politics of Space, Mind of the Oppressed and South African States and Societies. While she pursued her postgraduate studies at RU she worked as an assistant to the Politics and International Studies Department and the Head of Department, and was involved in community outreach under the Student Volunteer Program, counselling teenagers in an all-boys shelter in Grahamstown. She also holds a bachelors of political science in International Studies degree from the University of Pretoria. During her university career she was actively involved in campaigns and belonged to the executive committees of various student societies, which include Amnesty international, Sociology Society and International Celebration Day. One of her achievements was an Amnesty International weeklong awareness campaign on Xenophobia which was incorporated into the student workshop session of the International Education Association of South Africa (IESA) conference.

Vuyo has a strong passion for international affairs and interest of various cultures of the world, particularly Africa and Asia, so between 2011 and 2013 she took a break from pursuing her academic aspirations by traveling to Asia, living and working in South Korea as an English instructor. Upon her time working for the provincial Chungnum-do Office of Education, two of her students were rated in the age group as the best English speakers in the province two years running and her school was awarded with the ‘Best Practical Speaking Abilities’ in the province.  She was also invited to speak at the district workshop for Korean teachers and delivered a paper on causes of conflict between  Korean and Foreign instructors and recommendations on how to improve relations, communication and classroom management. Apart from her basic understanding of Korean and French, she is currently studying Chinese to add to the list of languages she can use in the future as a specialist in African and Asian relations.

Vuyo is interested  in empowering oppressed minds, understanding the social impact of economic inequalities which lead to violent social collective mobilization, grassroots movements, bottom-up policy engagements, women development and migration. She hopes to pursue her Masters in Conflict Resolution and Development, with a concentration on human development security.

Stasa Nikodinovic - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Stasa-NikodinovicStasa Nikodinovic is currently finishing her Bachelor degree in Journalism and Communications at the University of Banja Luka. In 2006 Stasa became an exchange student and went to Potsdam, Germany, where she lived with a German host family and went to high school for one year. This way she became a part of a global student exchange network called "AFS Intercultural Programs", a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities. Stasa volunteered in several projects abroad and in her hometown Banja Luka, such as the „International Film Festival Kratkofil Plus“, „The World Rafting Championship“ and she was one of the organizers of the „Gender Movie Film Week Banja Luka“ in 2012.

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Addishiywot Aseffa Girmammo - Ethiopia

Addishiywot-Aseffa-GirmammoAddishiywot Aseffa Girmammo is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a recent graduate from George Mason University with a master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology from Addis Ababa University. He completed his undergraduate degree at Bahir Dar University, majoring in education. His previous work experience include teaching in different grade levels in Ethiopia and the United States, working as a program assistant at Save the Children USA,  and serving as a research intern at the Africa Program of the University for Peace (UPEACE). He is currently a program associate at Communities Without Boundaries International (CWBI). His areas of interest are mainly conflict prevention, peacebuilding, nonviolent social change, and development. Addishiywot is most passionate about taking part in the change effort to make the world a better place.

Sunita Adhikari - Nepal

Sunita-AdhikariSunita Adhikari was born in Dhapakhel a city in the Bagmati zone of central Nepal that was affected by fast urbanization as a result of the peace process after the end of Maoist war. As a result of the fast urbanization great unemployment characterizes the city. This experience gave Sunita Adhikari occasion to engage in her field of studies and in multiple social activities.

Sunita Adhikari is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Presidential college affiliated with American International University (AIU). She worked at Nanglo International as an account for two years and at World Vision Nepal, a child based international organization, for 25 months. As part of her job Sunita Adhikari was visiting villages to map the need of villagers and prepare reports that eventually were used to develop a project. For Sunita Adhikari these experiences have been crucial and coined her further decisions regarding her career.

Additionally to these social engagements, Sunita Adhikari is involved in many local youth clubs and cooperatives and has encouraged entrepreneurs for their continuity. After the completion of her masters, Sunita Adhikari wants to continue and increase her social contribution to strengthen basic entrepreneurs of rural villages and to raise the living standard of families that are severely affected by poverty so that they can earn and live their life with a vision.

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