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Enna Zone Đonlić - Bosnia and Herzegovina

ENNA-ZONE-ONLICEnna Zone Đonlić comes from Zenica a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is currently enrolled in fourth grade of the high school “Edhem Mulabdić” in Maglaj, with a focus on social sciences. Since the beginning of high school, Enna Zone Đonlić was involved in the work of the student council and was eventually selected as president of the student council in 2011. Her work at the student council includes organizing and managing social activities and events. Furthermore, Enna Zone Đonlić is very about supporting and helping students who can not effort studies. For that reason she launched a campaign to raise funds for students who are unable to buy necessary book for the school and for ailing citizens. Enna Zone Đonlić coordinated several campaigns and actions about informing students about rights and organized an environmental campaign with a focus on the recycling of plastic bottles to raise money for the purchase of a school sound system.

The experiences and knowledge Enna Zone Đonlić gained out of all organized activities resulted in the founding of the Association of Youth „Dictum Factum“ in June 2012. Enna Zone Đonlić is strongly committed towards human rights and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, as well as international relations and leadership.

Therefore, Enna Đonlić plans to study International Law and Diplomay and to use her knowledge, skills and gained experiences to bring about positive change in her own country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Youth Without Boundaries


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