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Ike, Ikechukwu Anthony - Nigeria

Ike-Ikechukwu-AnthonyIke, Ikechukwu Anthony is originally from the South East of Nigeria and currently resides in the Middle Belt city of Jos. He had his primary and secondary education in Jos and his graduate studies in Petroleum Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). From a very young age, he had occupied leadership positions in religious groups and in school. In the course of his secondary education he discovered the value of self-reliance and the need to make the best out of every situation as he was in and out of classes due to financial challenges. His graduate studies have been less stormy by the third year due to a scholarship from an oil firm. Ikechukwu Anthony worked as a research assistant and project officer in FUTO after an inspiring one year graduate youth service in an impoverished Niger Delta island community. A scholarship from the African University of Science and Technology allowed him to pursue a Masters study in petroleum engineering and he his currently a PhD student in the same school and department. Ikechukwu Anthony is actively engaged in developing activated carbon as a solution to Nigeria's gas and energy challenges.

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