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Mercy Wanja Njoroge - Kenya

Mercy_PictureMercy Wanja Njoroge sees herself as a patriotic Kenyan - born and raised in Kenya. She is passionate about reaching out to the less fortunate, especially children and women. Ms. Njoroge closely worked with her fellow youth in bringing about positive change in her community through development projects and behavioural change. She is a youth leader in Ong'ata Rongai and the vice chairperson of Vijana 2waweza youth group from Kajiado North, Rift Valley province. Vijana 2waweza is a group which brings youth together and offers guidance and counselling services in various issues of life. Through this group she is also engaging in project generating activities like poultry keeping. In addition to this, Ms. Njoroge also sits in the board of Kajiado County Youth for Development (KCYD), which acts like an umbrella organization for other youth groups in the county.

Ms. Njoroge graduated from The University of Nairobi with a Diploma in Criminology and Social Order. She is also pursuing a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Sociology from the same university. Ms. Njoroge has worked as an intern at the Ministry of Home Affairs, in the department of Probation and Community Service. During this internship, she conducted face to face interviews with inmates in various prisons, which has doubled her zeal to work with the youth in the area of peace building. Mercy Wanja Njoroge has also worked with women empowerment groups like Maisha Bora and as a volunteer in children homes. She is working to ensure that our generation lives a legacy that will remain relevant to the society even after we are long gone.

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