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Pawan Roy - Nepal

PAWAN-ROYPawan Roy is advisor at a pioneering, youth led and youth oriented organization called Youth Action Nepal. He has over eleven years of experience in human rights, democracy and peace activism working in Nepal as a civil society leader, project manager, researcher, trainer, advocator and campaigner. Mr. Roy is an emerging socio-political practitioner and analyst having worked in Nepal from conflict prone local communities to policy dialogues at the national level. In addition, he has designed successful programs that encourage youth and emerging leader to participate and be represented in civic and political affairs.

Mr. Roy has also edited many books and policy papers, as well as he is the co-author of Youth Struggle and the Voices and of a bi-monthly newsletter called Rhythm in Nepal. Mr. Roy started his career with volunteerism at a British Charitable organization called Students Partnership Worldwide (SPW), which is now known under the name Restless Development in the year 2011. A turning point in his life and his career was in 2004 when he established a youth led organization called Youth Action Nepal. Youth Action Nepal works in conflict situations with youth at the grassroot level, aiming on educating them about human rights, peacebuilding, democracy and civic participation.

Furthermore, Pawan Roy has also led a national youth umbrella organization called Association of Youth Organizations Nepal as well as NGO Federation of Nepal, Kathmandu Chapter which is also a national umbrella organization for NGOs in Nepal. He sees himself as a self-motivator, enthusiast and instrumental on youth issues and has been taking courses on economics from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India. Additionally, Mr. Roy gained crucial experience after attending more than 15 international events as a resource person, trainer, facilitator and participants.

Youth Without Boundaries


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