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Rajan Pandit – Co-Coordinator, Nepal

rajanRajan Pandit was born in a rural village of Nepal, and was able to educate himself as a result of the generosity of a lady by the name of “Olga”, the founder of the Nepal Youth Foundation. During his school days he became passionate about social justice issues – finding inspiration in the work that Olga and the Nepal Youth Foundation carried out. Having been the recipient of generosity that took him through university where he studied science, Rajan decided that just as Olga helped him, he too would help others. As a result, five years ago, when he was still in high school, Rajan began an organization call “Light of Hope in Nepal”. The organization united the people from his village, making them aware about their community and motivating them to do something for their community. As a result, they were able to establish a training centre for Dalit and economically underprivileged women. They have thus far set up 10 sets of sewing machines and a trainer to teach these women. The grassroots organization is now focused on women’s empowerment and child education, carrying out many awareness events in different villages regarding in-house crime and torture that women face as a result of caste or gender discrimination. Rajan now works with the Nepal Youth Foundation as a program assistant. He works on a number of projects, including the school scholarship program and nutrition programs, and on the project to rescue Kamlari-bounded girls.

Rajan recently opened Adventure Bound Treks and Tours and hopes to generate funds for the community from the income of the trekking agency and provide jobs for the people. His dream is that some day we will all live in the same home and there will not be any discrimination on the basis of caste.

Youth Without Boundaries


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