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Whitney Resnik - Zimbabwe, South Africa

WhitneyResnik_pictureWhitney Resnik, originally from Zimbabwe, is currently living and working in South Africa. During her primary school years, Whitney Resnik was participating in various programs focused on children and youth. Among other things, Whitney Resnik decided to do dancing lessons with children and youth that have been interested in music but had no possibilities to participate in lessons or activities according to their interests. Through these dancing lessons, that were hold in the backyard of Whitney Resnik mother’s backyard, she organized competitions with other interested groups of young dancers. The winners of the competitions would walk away with some cash that would buy their uniforms and stationary. The money was raised by raffle tickets that have been sold to the teachers and parents.
The experiences gained through these programs and activities fuelled Whitney Resnik’s passion of helping and supporting others. She is very interested in getting to know and interacting with different cultures and people to learn from various points of view on different things, especially regarding youths all over the world. Currently, Whitney Resnik is working at the Africa Café in Cape Town with the hope to start studying in April 2012.

Youth Without Boundaries


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