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Wimarshana Nishadi Ranasinghe - Sri Lanka

Nishadi-RanasingheWimarshana Nishadi Ranasinghe is a graduate of Kelaniya University. She studied peace building and conflict resolution in a country contending with ethnic polarization. She believes peace must be built in the hearts of people, it is in the hearts of people wars are first fought and so it is in the hearts of people that the seeds of peace must be sown. While at the University of Kelaniya, she was a member of the student organization “Mihasa – Youth for Peace organization”. In 2010 the group held an exhibition at St.Joseph’s Girls’ College, afterwards they conducted motivation programs for school students in different areas of Sri Lanka. In 2011 they organized a seminar and a celebration of International day for peace, leading to the publication of the Mihasa newspaper and launching a web site.

She later interned at Rights Now-Collective for Democracy. They work on protecting and providing Human Rights in Sri Lanka. She participated in a series of workshops such as nonviolence, communication, power, gender & peace building, transitional justice, and MLK programs. In December 2012 she represented Sri Lanka for the Asia pacific Youth Conference held at Nagaland, India. She finished her year of school with her thesis on “Reconciliation Challengers in Post War Sri Lanka" (Regarding the role of LLRC). After completing her degree, she took another internship at Asia Plateau – Panchgani.

Currently she works at Fusion as a monitoring & evaluation coordinator; the Organization works on empowering the rural communities of Sri Lanka. In her free time she still remains active doing school programs as a facilitator.

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