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Nepal: Transforming the Lives of Conflict Affected Children and Young People - A Scholarship Initiation - Neetu Pokharel

Neetu Pokharelnepal-flag-smallNeetu’s project hopes to support children who have been severely affected by armed conflict in Nepal with her project “TITLE”, by focusing on their education and ensuring them accommodations. The target area of the project is a school in Bhaktapur district where three children (13-15 years old) are struggling for their future.

The 10-year-long violent conflict in Nepal has caused tremendous suffering, including physical and human loss, of which women and children are found to suffer the most during and in the aftermath of the conflict. The children, who are studying in a school of Bhaktapur, and their experiences are a sad example of it. During the war in Nepal, the parents of these three children have been killed after a forceful abduction from their home. These children had experienced violence then no other and are from Rukum district, a remote area of Midwestern Region of Nepal. They came to Kathmandu searching for security and education but currently find themselves without any support.

Having been able to study free of cost until today, the school’s owner is not able to support these children anymore. For this reason they are in danger to lose their place in the school’s home, as well as their education opportunity. The consequences would be severe as these children’s future depends on their educational opportunities. As a reason of urgency, Neetu is aiming to establish a scholarship program that secures their education and residence, and which will then be extended to reach more children that find themselves in similar situations of distress. Moreover, Neetu plans to identify such type of conflict affected children and youth to bring them together as a part of this project. This project is laid out to continue at least for five years until these children could successfully complete the school and are able to sustain themselves.