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Pakistan: Project Read - Nadia Mughal

Nadia2pakistani_flagNadia Mughal hopes with her ‘Project Read’ to build a library in an elementary school (Mallhi Modern Education House) in a low-income community in Pakistan. Many schools in these low-income communities lack the resources the students need to take their education beyond the curriculum, including a basic library. Books are a crucial element of a child's education for they are the building blocks towards learning and understanding. By building a library in the school, the students will be given the tools to expand their knowledge and understand the world better through the virtues of reading. Privately-run schools often take in disadvantaged students for free to allow them to have an equal education and would benefit greatly from outside support. Mallhi Modern Education House offers elementary education to a variety of diverse students in the community, but lacks some key resources. This project aims to build a library for the school that will help the children strengthen their education, increase literacy and help end the poverty that many of these children face.