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YWB Projects

Aghanistan: Women's Education Program and Research Center – Farid Muttaqi

Farid-Muttaqiafghanistan-flag-smallThrough his project, Farid hopes to raise awareness about the recently passed law on “Violence Against Women” in Afghanistan. The project entails conducting trainings and legal awareness meetings for governmental officials, women, social elders, religious leaders and other individuals. Eventually, the project will reach out to the broad community and spread information about this lawand related issues of it. Additionally, Farid’s project aims to empower women through an additional planned campaign, in which women publish and distribute brochures, posters and other hand-out materials. This project will give women the opportunity to lead an advocacy campaign for their own rights and be actively involved in their communities. In order to give participating women the opportunity to gather data and conduct research, Farid will establish a media and research centerin Mazar city. This research center will give women the opportunity to use technical devices and research material available at the center, and to network and interact with other women involved in women’s right activities nationally and internationally. The project will be carried out in the Balkh province of the northern region of Afghanistan.

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Austria: German Made Simple: Bridging Linguistic and Cultural Divides – Raffaela Bubner

BubnerR_Picture02austrian-smallflagRaffaela’s project “German made simple - a way of integration” is the idea of organizing tutoring and homework help in the German language for pupils and youth that learn German as a foreign language in Vienna, Austria. On the one hand, the project aims to support children and youth with migration background to contribute to their school success and language skills, and on the other hand should the tutoring be an important step of learning mutually about different cultures and foster integration and community building. Children and youth that face problems with the German language often do not consider continuing their education or embarking on an academic career nor are private lessons always affordable, which should also be supported by this project.

Kenya: Kisumu Young Entrepreneur’s Business Forum and Exhibition – Edwin Adoga Ottichilo

Edwinkenya_flag_smallEdwin’s project seeks to build the capacity of the youth within Kisumu County (both youths in institutions of higher learning and youths completed schooling, drop-outs or with no formal learning) on entrepreneurship with emphasis given to innovative business ideas and practice.  The idea behind this initiative is simple: to help rejuvenate the small and medium sector economy of Kisumu County amidst existing weak economic structures caused by the 2007 general election violence-havoc and specifically the youth orientation in terms of self-employment opportunities. This initiative consists of three pillars that are systematic; training, implementation and exhibition. The initiative will engage ten youth groups and eight learning institutions.

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USA: Trees of Peace – Cassadra Fenkel

CassandraFenkelUSAFlagCassie’s project promotes community building and development through interfaith environmental service. Trees of Peace recognizes the importance of youth as catalysts for change, and specifically works with youth members of a local mosque and synagog in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The project brings the youth together to plant trees in a local park, recognizing the importance of interfaith community service as a building block to understanding and tolerance. The growth of the newly planted trees symbolizes the growth of community and compassion.

Colombia: Community Center & Educational Brigades Project – Juan Sebastian Salinas

Juan-Sebastian-Salinascolombian-smallflagJuan’s project hopes to build a community center in an underprivileged community for youth in Bogota, Colombia. The center will benefit youth from very poor communities, including street children and youth in the foster care system. The community center will include a library, computer lab, and cultural center that is run by the youth from the region. Prior to building the community center, Juan will begin by working with these youth on an educational campaign focused on social awareness and targeted towards creating knowledge about environmental sustainability and protection. These training would later be expanded to include other issues relevant to the community, with the goal of build the future generation of global citizens that are not limited by their ethnic, religious, and language boundaries.

USA: Photo Voltaic Solar Panel Project – Michael Dunican

Michael-DunicanUSAFlagMichael’s project aims to address poverty in Camden, New Jersey by installing photo voltaic solar panels for residents in low income areas. The residents of Camden will be the immediate beneficiaries, as utilizing solar electricity will directly reduce the cost of their utility bills. In cooperation with local non-profits, the project will also establish an installation training program for local at-risk youth, equipping them with the skills and experience to find employment in the growing energy market. Michael believes that establishing solar projects in low income areas is important in order to bridge the urban-suburban divide. Further more, the project illuminates the urgent need to utilize safe and renewable energy sources in all segments of society.

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Guatemala: Building Desks to Educate - Montserrat Linares

MontserratLinares2guatemalan-smallflagMontserrat’s project entails ensuring that young children have desks and chairs to sit on in their schools. Her project will be carried out in the community of Totonicapan, in the highlands with a large indigenous population. The project will donate all the materials needed to assemble desks, and the idea children with the help of their parents will be responsible for assembling their own desk. Volunteers from universities in Guatemala City will help in assembling this furniture. Montserrat hopes to building community through this project by bringing the various segments of society together to carry out the project, and to motivate students by showing them that hard work can help you achieve your goals. This is especially important in Guatemala where many youth end up joining armed gangs due to a lack of opportunity in schools.

Guatemala: Building Libraries to Educate - Andrea Linares

Andreaguatemalan-smallflagAndrea hopes to develop libraries in public schools in Guatemala City and in the highlands of Totonicapan, an indigenous village in the mountains. The project entails building the libraries and teaching children how to use these resources. In many parts of Guatemala, the public education system lacks resources. This is especially true in the indigenous regions of the country where parents also lack the resources to help educate their children. One of the main reasons for this is that most families cannot afford the necessary materials. Through her project, Andrea hopes to help young people develop reading and research skills, and help open windows to new possibilities and new interests. It will take five months to complete the project at each school.

Nepal: Community Fish Farming - Abishek Karn

abisheknepal-flag-smallAbishekhopes to develop an integrated community fish farming project in Ratanpuri, to enhance living standards of the 56 families living in this rural Nepali village. The decade long conflict in Nepal adversely affected this community, leaving the people without proper infrastructure and prospect of livelihoods. On August 15th and than again on August 29th 2011, Abishek traveled to GumbaTole in Ratanpuri to carry out the initial assessment for his individual service project.He met with members of the GumbaTole Community Development Group, a local village council made up of one member per household.

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